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Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler some spoilers :P

...“When I kissed Sam, I was so scared of erasing Matt. But now I know that I could never erase him. He'll always be a part of me - just in a different way. Like Sam, making smoothies on the beach two thousand miles away. Like Frankie, my voodoo magic butterfly finding her way back home in the dark. Like the stars, fading with the halo of the vanishing moon. Like the ocean, falling and whispering against the shore. Nothing ever really goes away - it just changes into something else. Something beautiful... ”

The book's about Anna Reiley, bestfriend of Frankie and Matt Perino. She was forever in love with Matt and always wishes that he'll kiss her. Her wish came true on her fifteenth birthday! But Matt decided that he'll be the one to tell Frankie. But he didn't have the chance. He died. :(

“What is the statute of limitations on feeling guilty for cheating on a ghost?”

The story's about dealing with something that you don't know exactly how to deal with. Anna thinks that when she went with any other boy, the memory of Matt will be erased.

Anna went to California with the Perino's. She and Frankie made a contest to have twenty boy prospects this summer. Then, Anna meets Sam. After some time, she couldn't stop thinking about him.

“Don't move, Anna Reiley. Right now, everything is perfect.”

Eventually, Anna knew that she was okay already. That she'd moved on from Matt's death. But, of course, he'll always be a part of him. He's her best-friend-that's-a-boy.

Finished this book in five hours. How do I feel about it? Fine, thanks for not asking. :))