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Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins Spoiler Alert.

I am freaking devastated about what happened to my favorite guy in the story. Ugh. I actually cried. With real freaking tears. I thought it's going to be Archer. Ugh.

The ending is great actually but I think something's lacking. I somehow feel utterly disappointed. I didn't find this book as engaging as the first two. Or maybe I'm just upset that Cal died. HE DIED and I'm NOT OKAY with it. (I couldn't put the emphasis there quite enough). Even though there's some kind of closure at the end of the book, I still can't get over the fact that he's gone and gave his life to save Sophie even though all she ever do was break his heart. Well, I think that's love.

The battles were so quick and easy so maybe that's why I find the book somehow disappointing. It looks like it's rushed just to be finished.

Archer is awesome and everything but I still prefer Cal. Team Cal all the way.

Bye bye Hex Hall Series :)