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School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins 3.5/5 stars

I liked the book. Honestly, this book is funny that I actually want to join the PMS gang myself. PMS means Paranormal Management Society.

Isolde, Izzy for short, was very much likable. I mean, she was really struggling with mundane problems like dating, kissing, fitting in, etc and I totally understand her. She's used to fighting and not with those normal things. But she managed to fit in eventually. It's not hard to like her.

I liked Dexter. He's not your usual strong and bad-boy type. He has asthma and was always attacked by it but he managed to caught my heart. I feel like I can see a little "Will Herondale" in his actions and words.

"I'm Dexter O'Neil, Mrs. Brannick," Dex said, offering ng his hand to shake. "I'm hoping that you'll adopt me."

Oh my gosh, that line absolutely made me laugh. It's just so bizarre blurting that out after Aislinn smashed the mirror that imprisoned Torin.

The thing with Dexter's Nana, I didn't see that coming. Yeah, I had my suspicions but what happened is far from what I predicted.

Oh my word. He's going to live with them and I can't wait for the next book to come. This book was great and I recommend it to all the fans of The Hex Hall Series.