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The Darkest Minds: Never Fade (Darkest Minds Novel, A)

Never Fade  - Alexandra Bracken 4.5/5 stars

Woah. Woah . Woah. I loved The Darkest Minds with all my heart and fortunately, Never Fade didn't freaking disappoint!

The story picked up six months after the last book ended. Ruby has been with the League and has been involved with different Ops. She had planned to escape from the start but many things happened at once.

Ruby became a trained individual. She learned to care about Jude and Vida(members of her team) even though she didn't want to. I loved Vida and Jude! Vida is absolutely funny and I always laughed at her funny threats even though I knew that she could do them. Jude is a sweet little thing and I'm quite amazed that the world they live in hadn't break him yet. (Oh, if I only knew...)

Ruby came across an Op, a special task. One that has the key to stop the things that are being done to children with abilities. It's too much of a risk but she was willing to do it because she had enough of everything.And grab the chance to see Liam again of course.

She and the others was brought to the "Skip Kid" and the most heartbreaking encounter in the history of books happened there. She saw Liam, pretty much weak and sick.

Liam. I knew it! I was so shocked when I think about how those memories were erased but the feelings weren't. It must be really frightening and overwhelming on his part. I asked myself in the first pages of the book, "Is it possible for Ruby to make other people remember the memories taken from them?"

I get frustrated at first and I kept thinking, "Come on, tell Liam what you have done Ruby. He deserved to know!" I hate that fact that she focuses too much on the wrong things that she did and not see the bright side of it. I admire her for her braveness. I admire her and that includes the fact that sometimes, she had to make stupid decisions. The people around us would always do things that seems so wrong to us but sometimes, it's the only way that works in their eyes.

Jude. Oh my god! I didn't see that coming. I loved him to bits. I loved his eagerness to do things even if sometimes he doesn't see the risks. I loved his innocence despite the fact that he lives in a very broken world. HE DIED AND I'M NOT OKAY I'M NOT OKAY!

The ending. What can I say? It made me pretty much wait on edge with anticipation for the the next book. I would recommend this mind-blowing series to everyone!