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Bully (Fall Away, #1)

Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas This is how bullies are made.

This book was about two best friends, Tatum and Jared. They we're pretty much inseparable. Then one day, Jared went away to spend time with his father. When he came back, he wasn't the same as before. He bullied Tatum. Why? She didn't know. Then, she left for France. When she came back, she's ready to fight. When he pushes, she pushes back.

I didn't like Jared at first though. Gosh, sometimes I thought how could Tatum even liked him after all of the things that he's done. He was absolutely horrible. Okay. He was hot so what? One would thought that you have to be some kind of a masochist to put up with everything that he did. But then we see the reason behind his wrongdoings. I know that everything that happened to him doesn't justify his actions but one thing is certain. Bullying is never a good news. And those bullies, they we're also hurt before and they want others to experience what had transpired with them.

I don't know what to feel about Tatum's bestfriend, K.C. She's obviously a failure in the friendship department. I really hate it when friends act like the way she did.

And Madoc. "They bumped with each other?" Seriously?!?! That got me cracking up. I know that he's a good guy. And there's going to be a book about him!! I will definitely be reading that as soon as I can.