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Take a Chance (Too Far Spinoff, #2) - Abbi Glines 2.5 stars

I have mixed feelings about this book.

I am disappointed because I loved the little glimpse of Grant and Harlow in Forever Too Far. And everything here is just... Meh.

Let's start with the positive thing.

The thing I loved:

-Kiro. What the hell? He was so different when I've read about him in the Fallen Too Far series. He was absolutely still in love with Emily. HE EVEN FREAKING BRUSH HARLOW'S MOM'S HAIR! I mean, who does that nowadays? That nearly brought tears to my eyes. His devotion was simply amazing. I never thought I would see him more than just a douche kind of dad.

The things I didn't liked. (be prepared, this will be a long list)

- I hate that NAN is just always this pathetic, jealous girl who wants to be the center of attraction. Just what the hell? And here I thought I couldn't hate her more than I did on the Too Far series. Boy, I am so wrong. The story practically revolves around her. Again. Seriously, if you want people to love you, make it easy for them. I understand that she wants to feel loved. Yeah. Yeah. She practically has no one. But if I were to be in Rush and Grant's place, I would probably get tired of all her stupid dramas. SHE SHOULD GET A LIFE!!


- Grant. I hated how weak of a hero he was. He was just not doing anything good to me. HE FREAKING SLEPT WITH STRANGERS, YEAH PLURAL, BECAUSE HARLOW WENT OUT WITH ANOTHER GUY. I mean that's freaking insane considering that Harlow is "special" to him. He practically always think of Harlow as "the One" but he doesn't want to get too involved. Ugh.


- I hate the ending. I don't know, maybe I just don't understand that just because Harlow is freaking sick, Grant was so hurt and he decides to leave her. "Love just didn't go away because of lies." Please. DON'T MAKE LIFE SO COMPLICATED. If you love someone so much, you would see what they had to do. What they needed to do. I mean, come on! Harlow wants a life that was not being pitied by people.

Frankly, I almost didn't finish this but I'm a curious reader so I want to see what will happen in the end. While reading this, I actually want to bang my head on the wall. Well, the ending. I expected it to be that way somehow seeing there's a sequel but now, I am in no hurry to read it.